What is a fractional CXO? 

Fractional CXO’s are experienced C-suite professionals who work with clients on a less than full-time basis. They are former CEOs, CMOs, COOs, or CFOs who have a range of experience and capabilities in growing and managing companies. That’s where the “X” comes in, as a fractional CXO has the expertise and ability to cover multiple disciplines that might be lacking in a growth-oriented business. CXOs enable you to focus on business priorities, make decisions more quickly, and help you transition from reliance on external resources to building the internal capabilities you need to be successful. The right CXO can help you achieve your goals and scale your business faster.

What is the difference between a fractional CXO and a consultant?

While Future Proof strategic advisors are available to consult, working on a fractional basis is much more cost-effective and has more impact. Rather than diagnosing an issue, creating a plan and leaving the implementation to the company, fractional CXOs stay on to help implement the plans they co-create with your teams and build on early success to create sustainable growth and transformation.  

CXOs are embedded in your business and immersed in your culture. They act as an extension of your leadership team and as a strategic thinking partner for individuals and teams. They also serve as a trusted advisor and sounding board for the CEO, which can be a critical resource during start-up and scale-up phases of your business.

Who needs a fractional CXO?

Companies seeking to scale quickly often need additional senior-level, C-suite experience, but may not have the balance sheet or the need to bring on a full-time, experienced executive.  More established companies undergoing a transition might need some additional assistance or subject matter expertise in the planning and execution of the transition.

A fractional CXO arrangement allows companies to get executive experience and expertise without the commitment of a permanent, full-time executive.  Fractional CXOs can work a couple days or hours a week to help fast-growing companies compete.  They can fill a near-term leadership gap to build a team, create a strategy, or accelerate progress on a new initiative.

Why do Future Proof strategic advisors seek fractional CXO work?

As strategic advisors we like to work with companies that are in growth or transition mode. Legacy companies struggling with the new normal, young companies seeking to scale – these are new challenges that need a combination of experience and objective, data-driven insights and leadership that a fractional CXO can bring.  We’ve been there, solved that, and are ready to jump in, help you get traction on key initiatives, and drive results for your organization.

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