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We work with clients seeking to scale and future proof their businesses.

Our Story

The Future Proof Research Collaborative is a think tank of strategic advisors who work with clients seeking to scale or transform their businesses. We are experts and creative problem solvers who specialize in marketing, brand and culture building, operations, organizational development, and growth strategies.

We believe that successful enterprises are built upon systems and supported by a culture that resonates with all stakeholders.

Diane Danielson, Founder
Future Proof Research Collaborative

Rather than just provide advice or a strategic plan, we are experienced senior level executives who participate in the execution of projects as we work on a fractional or contract basis with firms.

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Our Services


We help our clients articulate, communicate and execute strategic marketing plans. Our marketing strategies crystalize a company’s culture, vision and purpose; and connect with our clients’ most valuable customers meaningfully and consistently. 


We work with clients to leverage resources; empower decision making; and track and leverage data needed for growth and resiliency. We help you build the infrastructure necessary to scale and remain future proof.

Organizational Development

Our strategic advisors help organizations master the people side of strategy by focusing on leadership alignment and execution capability to drive strategy, accelerate growth, and create value.