Future Proof Research Collaborative

Focused on the Future of Work, Communities & Transportation

Our Story

The Future Proof Research Collaborative brings together executives and researchers who care about the future of work, communities and transportation. We are experts and systemic thinkers who specialize in marketing, operations, finance, and growth strategies that incorporate sustainability, resiliency and adaptability.

We believe that successful enterprises are built upon systems and supported by a culture that resonates with all stakeholders.

Diane Danielson, Founder
Future Proof Research Collaborative

We work with businesses, municipalities, non-profits and leaders who want to “future proof” their initiatives, business models and growth strategy.

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Our Services

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategies rely on data; crystalize a company’s culture, vision and purpose; and connect with our clients’ most valuable customers meaningfully and consistently. 

Operations Analysis

We work with clients to leverage resources; empower decision making; and provide data needed for growth and resiliency. We do a deep dive to create the infrastructure necessary to scale.

Research & Consulting

Our research and consulting capabilities help companies build sustainable and resilient business models, including diversity & inclusion, social impacts, and the future of work and communities.